… I was in the Pacific Ocean the same ocean that graces the shores of Australia

It occurred to me today I was standing at the beach with my feet in the water. I was in the Pacific Ocean the same ocean the graces the shores of Australia, and all at once I felt the rush of being part of something bigger, connecting with my sisters, across the ocean, tears started to flow salt water from my eyes fell into the salt water at my feet, absorbed and held by that same salt water that connects us. This glorious power that surges between our lands. In this space, this place there is immense connection. It flows from us to us and we are one. I have always loved the water, the ocean takes on an entirely new meaning to me today. Elements that we share across the globe. A gift in mindfulness. I thank my stars for all that yoga and mindfulness has shifted in me. My spiritual connection with the water grows deeper, my sisters are connecting and I am freeing my mind to embrace what is here for me to learn, teach and share.

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