What I hear is “HELP I need yoga!” Cultivate the space. Bridge the gap.

Sometimes when I tell people what I do, they say- ‘I can’t do yoga, I’m not flexible’ what I hear is “HELP I need yoga!”

We hold a welcoming space to nurture each individual, we are not handing out first prize ribbons for the most flexible body.

I get that yoga on social media can look intimidating. Please know that is not what you will find here. We strive to cultivate a mindful space of acceptance and awareness of body, mind and breath.

In a world where stopping to take care of yourself is undervalued, let’s rewire our programming and start treating our body like it’s the only one we’ve got.

Yoga on Sundays 9.30 & 11am in West London’s Riverbend community.

You spoke, we answered. We will be hosting Sunny’s Sally style yoga on Sundays 930 and 11am in West London’s Riverbend community.

Sundays starting Jan 29th

930am Vinyasa Flow
11am Slow down and Yin

All levels welcomed.

We aim to cultivate a space of acceptance and non judgement where you can approach your body, mind and essence in a mindful way.

Come practice with us.

20$ drop in … or DM us for your spot.

The next two weeks with SunnySally’s!

As the sun is setting here, I am sending out retreat packages to the amazing group who will be heading to Costa Rica and  I wanted to send out a last call for any one that wants to still get on the bus gus, make a new plan stan, and set yourself free. There is a spot available for our retreat leaving on Saturday. Yep September 24th.

Any last minute takers?  Let me know. This is opportunity knocking 😉
This week I will be at Shangri la behind Purdy’s on Mt Pleasant in London for some yoga in their hidden gem of a shala.
Monday 630 restorative
Wednesday noon – gentle flow
Wednesday 530 – strengthen and flow
Thursday noon – deep stretch and chill (yin)
$20 drop in – come on down and see me!
Then we are up up and away.

Classes will resume again October 3.
May your journey be filled with wonder,

New classes at Shangrila Yoga in London!

We are so excited to announce our new classes that will be conveniently located at Shangrila Yoga in London.

Please join me in bringing our Sunny Sallys vibes to this space.

Class Schedule is:

  • Monday 6.30 – Restorative
  • Wednesday 12 Noon – Gentle flow
  • Wednesday 5.30 – Strength Flow
  • Thursday 12 Noon – Yin

Address 111 Mt Pleasant
Located behind Purdy’s
Drop in $20

@shangrila_yoga @sunnysallys.retreats.yoga
#yogacoffeesunshine #519yoga #londonontario #sangha #followyourdreams

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